Anniversary Poster // Take me back to Rome!


Can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve last posted! Fall has seemed so full and busy and it’s crazy that winter is around the corner (basically here already), Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and we’ve already bought a Christmas tree!! :) Grant and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary (!!!!!!) a few weekends ago. We spent a few days in Chicago and had a blast visiting museums and eating amazing food (more to come!). This is a poster I put together to celebrate the different places we’ve been to since we’ve been married. It started out as a card, but seemed much more fitting for a poster. It’s fun to look back and remember–5 years goes by so quickly. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I’ll be making gluten free: apple pie, pumpkin pie and stuffing. Yummmmyy!


Randolf Street Market, Chicago // NEW RUG!


This square, colorful, rug couldn’t be more perfect for our little dining nook. It makes me so happy!!! Seems like it was made for the space. I bought it on Sunday at the Randolph Street Market. The gals from Amelia Jane Vintage gave me a deal. I always get e-mails about the market and have wanted to go and on Sunday we actually went!! Yeaaaa!! :) Summer is all about making things happen!


A few lovely things above!^^^ eames chair & sputnik chandelier // bertoia chair // pretty aztec tufted sofa // turqouise striped vintage camper // …I also loved these mirrored panels below!



>>our little place is slowly coming together! I haven’t shopped much, but I couldn’t pass up the rug. All you need are a few pieces to pull a room together! :) Still in progress, but it’s been a lot of fun! …maybe if we stay here long enough I’ll be able to change that light fixture! :) >> next up: art on the walls!


 ^^^ love these two. xoxo ^^^
PS! I updated / S I M P L I F I E D my about page! :) and I added Bingley to the front page of the blog! He’s just tooooo cute!


Simply Beautiful Wedding Favors

favors A coworker friend of my got married last weekend and they gave these beautiful succulents as place cards/favors. They’re teeny tiny and wrapped in brown paper. So sweet and pretty. Aren’t the tags cute too?!

Spaces / Masculine Style


Grant and I are moving at the end of the month, so I’ve been filling my head with inspiration, gathering my favorite colors, textures and spaces. I love different textures and mostly neutral colors. I was able to find this docksta table on Craigslist for $40!! AHHH! I was so excited. Grant picked it up in the city and it’ll be the perfect size for an aparment/breakfast nook. I like a masculine look. Another one of my favorite rooms below from Lonny and a few tips on designing a gender neutral space here!


I love stripes. Black and white particularly. Aren’t those balloons below amazing!?!?! I want some that will permanently float around in my house. :)  For my current graphic design project we are doing a set of 3 illustrations based off an animal. Like I mentioned last week, this picture inspired me to chose a zebra, so stripes have been filling my brain. Here’s a handful of my favorite images plus my own handwriting inspired by this simple print. 


1.)) These balloons are my favorite.
2.)) Classic James.
3.)) My writing inspired by this print.
4.)) Cutie with a bun.
5.)) Stripes on top&bottom// models.
6.)) Awesome typeface &&&& 


PS! Would you ever paint stripes on a wall in your home? This entry way made me want to. I think I’d only do it if it was a fairly small space.