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Instagram for me is an endless source of inspiration (okay and sometimes a little frustration), but currently I am in LOVE with the GENIUS behind @ArtlexaChung. Combining ART & ALEXA CHUNG = serious genius. Two Spanish sisters, Sisters María and Beatriz Valdovín, are the masterminds behind this incredible combo. They describe their initial idea in an interview stating, “We are both educated on art and it’s easy for us to combine her photos with the well-known masterpieces of Goya or Matisse. Sometimes it’s so easy we have to wonder if Alexa was maybe copying their poses!” They are spot on with their combinations. SO beautiful and perfect, right?!

I’m hoping to get to the Art Institute this weekend! Spring is here to stay, I think! FINALLY!!! xo

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Impressionism, Fashion, & Modernity


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It’s finished! My final project for my Intro to HTML class was to build/code a simple website from scratch using Dreamweaver. We could pick any topic so, I naturally chose the art exhibit that just arrived at the Art Institute of Chicago called Impressionism, Fashion & Modernity. I’ve been talking about it a ton because it’s AMAZING (uhhh-maaa-zinnngg!) If you live in the Chicago area, GET THERE before Sept. 22rd. Don’t miss it! :) My website is composed of 4 pages:


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I *highly* recommend viewing the website on a computer (not phone) using an updated browser. Old browsers can sometimes disrupt formatting and they’re also slow (so, if something looks messed up, it may just be your browser and not my site!) ;) :) On all the pages you can click on the Impressionism, Fashion, & Modernity header to take you back to the main page. I’m excited to be done and to have learned so much in 5 weeks! xo

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