Love these simple gifts! Most would make good stocking stuffers too. All for UNDER $30! Woo hoo!! xo

ONE // $28 // Madewell Catalina Stacking Rings, simple but I love the way they stack together and the three malachite/emerald stones are lovely!

TWO // $28 // Capri Blue Mercury Glass Jar Candle, I have this candle at home and it smells amazing and makes the whole room smell SO good! Perfect thing to light before guests come over.

THREE // $25 // NARS Lip Gloss in Orgasm, NARS lip glosses are moisturizing and they last! This shade is light with a little shimmer.

FOUR // $25 // 8.5x11in Baby Giraffe via. The Animal Print Shop, I’ve always loved this giraffe photograph. All of the animals in The Animal Print shop are SO COOL. The bison, giraffe, lion, and all the baby animals are my favorites.

FIVE // $20 // Pendleton Legendary Coffee Mug, all of the Pendleton patterns are so beautiful. This would be perfect for the winter months full of tea or coffee!

SIX // $28 // Pom Tassel Keychain via ASCOT+HART, love these bright pops of color! You have to look at your keys every day and these seem like a lot of fun to have around!

SEVEN // $29 // ASOS Oversized Knit Scarf, beautiful wine color. It should be a rule that all scarfs MUST be oversized! Love this one.

Christmas is in less than 3 weeks! Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season!
I have another good gift guide (GIFTS UNDER $30)  for the artists in your life coming soon! 


A cup of tea & a free printable calendar


I made this when I was taking calligraphy with Timothy Botts my senior year of college. Continue reading

Great recipe! Lentil Soup

lentilsThis is a FABULOUS recipe from Martha Stewart (of course): 15-minute Lentil Soup. I made this today, but I used fresh lentils (not canned) and I cooked them according to these directions, so it took me about 30-40 minutes. That’s a WIN! This recipe is simple, quick, and filled with healthy ingredients. I always add tumeric to soups/stews because of its anti-inflammatory properties (it’s really good for you)! Ham would be a really yummy addition as well. This will be a perfect recipe to make this fall! Oh and it’s also gluten free and SCD legal.

SIGN_OFFimage via. Martha Stewart