Instagram Inspiration // ArtlexaChung

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Instagram for me is an endless source of inspiration (okay and sometimes a little frustration), but currently I am in LOVE with the GENIUS behind @ArtlexaChung. Combining ART & ALEXA CHUNG = serious genius. Two Spanish sisters, Sisters María and Beatriz Valdovín, are the masterminds behind this incredible combo. They describe their initial idea in an interview stating, “We are both educated on art and it’s easy for us to combine her photos with the well-known masterpieces of Goya or Matisse. Sometimes it’s so easy we have to wonder if Alexa was maybe copying their poses!” They are spot on with their combinations. SO beautiful and perfect, right?!

I’m hoping to get to the Art Institute this weekend! Spring is here to stay, I think! FINALLY!!! xo

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Dark Flowers //Ashley Woodson Bailey


I recently discovered an amazing photographer named Ashely Woodsen Bailey. She captures beautiful floral arrangements and offers dark and light limited edition prints. So lovely. The dark lighting makes them look like they’re right from the Renaissance! Isn’t this magenta bouquet gorgeous with the dark walls? Check out her work here: Beautiful.

a late look //SPRING BREAK NYC &NJ

The weeks have been flying by since we came back from spring break! I had the best time in NYC/NJ with my friend, Jane. We flew into NYC and spent the night with her brother, sister-in-law and little niece, Wiley. The next day we walked around Manhattan enjoying the city and doing a little bit of shopping//looking in Soho. I also took Jane to Cafe Lalo! You can’t go to the city and not eat at Cafe Lalo!! It’s the cutest and has the best gluten free waffles with cinnamon whipped cream! YUM! It’s the restaurant where Meg Ryan meets Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail. After spending the day in the city we took the train to NJ to visit with her family (they are the sweetest!)…lots of yummy food, tea, kombucha making, late night talking, playing with her little dog, Malcom….then Saturday at the Brooklyn Flea (toasted coconut doughnuts! ahhh!!) and finally back to Chicago on Sunday evening. It was a whirlwind, but so much fun! Here are a few pictures I snapped with my phone…ooohhh take me back to NYC…>>I’ll be there next week for my sister’s graduation! YAY! :) :) There’s nothing like NYC!

sign off

Palette /01


Aren’t these colors the dreamiest? This is a Degas gallery room in the Met. Grant and I are moving into an apartment at the end of the month and I’ve been thinking a lot about paint colors.  I plan on painting a small wall black. Our current downstairs bathroom (shown here) is painted black and I love it!! Have you seen Jenna Lynon’s master bedroom? The walls are black and amazing. Dark walls are my favorite. We’ll probably only live in the apartment for the next year, so I’m not sure if I’ll paint any other walls. Vaulted ceilings make painting a little tricky. The picture above was from last year’s spring break when I visited my sister in NYC. I went back to NYC/NJ again this year for spring break with my friend, Jane. Her family is from NJ so we were able to spend time in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Jersey! It was the best weekend…More to come…



More low glycemic index snacks & lunches for kids!

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