Almond Crusted Chicken Nuggets

The weekends are for new recipes. School is now underway and during the week it’s too stressful for me to try out new things. Occasionally I’ll feel adventurous mid-week, but I usually just stick to the basics we like. These almond crusted chicken strips are easy to make and they don’t take too long. We ate them with this GF Thai Peanut Sauce. I’ll be eating them in my salad this week (if Grant doesn’t finish most of them off tonight)! I think they’ll be added to our stash of regular meals. A couple weeks ago I read Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger. It is an excellent book! Though I don’t agree with his spiritual beliefs, his research about how the body processes food and how we can keep our gut/intestinal flora flourishing is really interesting (to me at least)! :) He breaks our whole digestive system down so it is easy to understand and he discusses how our bodies respond to different types of foods. This recipe is from  Clean Gut, but you can also find it here on the Clean blog.
I’ve also made these Clean brownies.


They are really good but they pack a calorie punch (from the nut buttter). The base of these clean brownies is made up of almond butter & raw cocoa (flour & sugar free). I cut them up small and they last longer and help with portion control. Delicious if you want a clean treat full of protein & healthy fats! They are actually better the day after you make them. I found that ours were more crumbly just out of the oven and after a few days they set and held together more. Yumm. I’d recommend both the book and the blog.


Ps. You should make the chicken nuggets. They’re really good :)

Sweet Summer Picnic & an Amazing Salad Recipe!


I can’t believe its already been two weeks since we celebrated my mom’s birthday! We love to surprise her and do something special every year. This year we decided to have a birthday picnic downtown near the Riverwalk. We picked up some food from Trader Joe’s and I made tassel streamers. Here are a few pictures from our evening.

sidebySide ^^^^ Two straws are the new thing! :) ^^^^ Ok, they were so cute we had to use both of them. We got a bunch of fun summer drinks: Sparkling Fruit Water, White Grape Chardonnay (grape juice), Virgil’s Root Bear and Blood Orange Soda. My mom got to drink out of the crystal wine glass/goblet.

food Claire recreated our favorite salad from this Italian restaurant in Chicago. Even if you don’t like dates, they add a perfect sweetness, just shop them up small. Seriously, it’s so good! We also had a bunch of different cheeses, prosciutto, sour dough baguettes and lots of fruit. Goat cheese is my favorite! You can get a great trio of goat cheeses (pepper, original, and garlic herb) from Trader Joe’s. Here’s the salad recipe:

medjool dates

olive oil + balsamic vinegar

streamersClose  ^^^^^My tassel streamers^^^^ Party decor is the best. Usually at home we do tons of balloons for birthdays. This year I tried out these tassel streamers. They were easy to make and fun to keep out all the time.  I’ll post a short tutorial on how I made them  later this week or next. They’re now hanging above my desk area.

picnic1It was a perfect day! We all agreed that we should have picnics more often.