DIY // easy marbled terracotta planter




marbledPotskullCactus On Wednesday my friend Jane came over to hang out and craft. We looked at a bunch of random DIY things, but in the end she made some neon tassels and I used paint pens to create a marble design on a terracotta planter. :) I’ve been meaning to repot a handful of plants that I had and terracotta planters are so cheap. I was inspired by this picture on instagram! It was so easy and I love the final result. The only supplies you need are Sharpie paint pens and a terracotta planter! :) Happy Friday!


Gold Legs

Along with the vintage dresser makeover, I also did a little ikea hack this summer. For those who don’t know what an ikea hack is (my husband) it’s just a modification or repurposing of an ikea product. There are so many amazing ikea hacks, but this one with its gold legs and its simple design caught my eye. The fact that it was $40 bucks total and only involved a can of spray paint didn’t hurt either! I would’ve bought the long table, but this little guy fits the space perfectly. All I did was put the legs together, paint them gold and BAM, done! :) I love to do projects and missed having a little space of my own to hold some of my favorite little things, to write letters, type, study, mostly just to decorate. :) I hung up the tassel garland I made for my mom’s picnic birthday party along with some of my other favorite things. I like leaning the pictures instead of hanging them, so I can swap them out easily. I’m sure I’ll continually change the space, but for now I like it!  :)


Stripping and Staining a Vintage Dresser

This summer I decided that I was going to do something about my husband’s ugly dresser. It’s a beautiful piece, very well made (from his Grandma), but it had these old brown/green flowers on the front and the white paint was looking pretty bad (really, really, bad). My initial thoughts were to copy this dresser and paint it black. During the process, I came to grips with that fact that Grant really isn’t a black with gold accents kind of guy and the wood underneath looked really promising! So, I traded in my gold hardware knobs for some dark wood stain. In the end I’m glad I didn’t paint it. I like the natural look. Here is the before/after! I’m so pleased with how it turned out! Definitely worth the time & effort!

BEFORE-AFTER I forgot to take real “before” pictures, so these were after I had already poured the paint stripper on. Oh well! You can clearly see something had to change. It was so ugly! The paint stripper was extremely strong. It wasn’t very hard to strip, except for the grooved pieces on the drawers. Shocking how it all peels off!


After I stripped all the paint off it sat around in the garage for a few weeks. Grant finally decided to jump in and get the process going. He sanded the whole thing. (He’s the best.) Later I added 2 coats of a dark walnut wood stain and finished it off with a glossy type finish/sealer. Here’s how it looks now! So handsome!! :)


Overall, this was a fairly easy project. Grant might have a different opinion as he did a lot of the grunt work sanding. :) It did take me 2 months to finish it (ha!) but that was only because I had it in the garage and continued to forget/put off sanding and staining it. In total the project was about $70, which is a lot less than a new dresser! Score.


Anthropologie Plates DIY

Anthro Plates DIY

I love having people over, picking out the food I’ll make, decorating the table, getting the house cleaned up.  I was so excited to throw a brunch for my Mother-in-law and sister-in-law on Mother’s Day. All week I was debating the different colors and table settings I could use. I even woke up one night around 3am thinking about it! It was bad, but I was just so excited about the details. Here are some bright, spring, Anthropologie inspired plates I decided to paint on a whim one evening.

This plate was my inspiration! inspirationI used our small salad plates from Crate & Barrel that we got on our wedding registry and Pebeo porcelaine paints. No regrets, even though we now have only 2 white salad plates that go with the set. :) They were a simple punch of color to an otherwise neutral table and it was a quick project. Here are the supplies I used:

Dishes Anthro how to with scallop edge

After painting them, I let them dry for 2 days and then baked them at 300 degrees for 30minutes. I left them in the oven to cool after I turned it off, then they were food safe. We used the plates mainly for decoration, but also for muffins and for the Larabars I made for an appetizer/snack! Deeee-licious!

Brunch Photos Plates

^^^^I had so much fun setting the table! ^^^^


^^^^My 4 finished plates. The colors look a little different in real life. This flash is horrible!! Sorry about that-If I had known I was going to start a blog, I might’ve taken more pictures of the process! This project was from days of old :) before the blog was born (actually like 2 weeks before). It’s a simple project to tackle if you like drawing/painting flowers! –I found a few pictures (below) that show a little bit of the process:



The flash in the picture below makes the colors look florescent and super bold. Yikes! They’re not that bright in real life. Anthropologie Sissinghurst Castle salad plate on the right. anthroPlates

Oh how I love to make colorful messes! My husband jokes I’m a tornado because I really do seem to stir up a mess..this mess didn’t turn out too bad?! :) We have pretty plates to prove it! xo

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