Morning Light // Lately


Can you believe it’s March already?! The morning light was so lovely this week I had to capture it. I have been cooking and creating, but haven’t gotten around to posting any of it over here. I’m hopefully back in action! :) I love documenting memories/recipes/inspiration here, I just need to do it more often. Here’s a little of life as of late inspired by a blog that I love called, Ann-Marie Loves.

Watching the 68th episode of Blue Bloods on Netflix. I love that it’s set in NYC and is not too graphic. It’s kind of cheesy sometimes, but we keep watching it! :)

Waiting for spring break and warm weather! Middle East here I come!

Trying to make cultured vegetable salsa (I have 12 jars fermenting in my cupboard now, yay!) Do you know the benefits of cultured foods? They are FULL of probiotics. More to come about them, but if you’re interested here’s a helpful article that explains some of the benefits.

Loving that Starbucks now has coconut milk! I don’t drink coffee often, but I got a blonde roast with coconut milk this week (insert emoji heart eyes) :) YUM!

Eyeing this cute top for work from ASOS. You know I love my stripes!

Discovering the most perfect kale chips cook at 300 degrees, not 350. Add a little garlic salt 10 minutes, rotate pan & cook 5 more minutes, broil for 3ish minutes= perfectly crispy!

Practicing calligraphy not nearly as much as I want to, but now that I’ve got this book and all the tools I need, no excuses! Spruced up my desk too, so that helps!

Inspired by a favorite writer, blogger, creative, Austin Kleon. Start something small, don’t break the chain. I’m always into goals and just started a funny, simple one of 100 sit ups a day. :) I’m only like a week in, so we’ll see if I can keep the chain going. That way I feel like even if I don’t make it to the gym I did something (it’s the little things that make me feel accomplished) haha. Now maybe this consistency will transfer over to my blogging…one can hope! :)

Reading too many books at once! Along with the rest of the world, I read this book last month. Grant and I are a few chapters into this book, The Professor and the Madman, about the creation of the Oxford dictionary (it’s good, really!) and I’m loving this book on prayer that I just started last week.

Following this perfectly curated IG account. The best of the best right there. Perfect mix of fashion, quotes and the loveliest inspiration.

Hope you’re having wonderful week!


DIY // easy marbled terracotta planter




marbledPotskullCactus On Wednesday my friend Jane came over to hang out and craft. We looked at a bunch of random DIY things, but in the end she made some neon tassels and I used paint pens to create a marble design on a terracotta planter. :) I’ve been meaning to repot a handful of plants that I had and terracotta planters are so cheap. I was inspired by this picture on instagram! It was so easy and I love the final result. The only supplies you need are Sharpie paint pens and a terracotta planter! :) Happy Friday!


For the walls // black and white photography



@joannaPoster @patternPlay



I’m thinking about printing some large black and white photographs for our walls. I love the simplicity. Did you know you can get black and white architectural prints made at kinkos for $4?! Maybe I’ll print off a big picture of Bingley to make us smile? :)

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Randolf Street Market, Chicago // NEW RUG!


This square, colorful, rug couldn’t be more perfect for our little dining nook. It makes me so happy!!! Seems like it was made for the space. I bought it on Sunday at the Randolph Street Market. The gals from Amelia Jane Vintage gave me a deal. I always get e-mails about the market and have wanted to go and on Sunday we actually went!! Yeaaaa!! :) Summer is all about making things happen!


A few lovely things above!^^^ eames chair & sputnik chandelier // bertoia chair // pretty aztec tufted sofa // turqouise striped vintage camper // …I also loved these mirrored panels below!



>>our little place is slowly coming together! I haven’t shopped much, but I couldn’t pass up the rug. All you need are a few pieces to pull a room together! :) Still in progress, but it’s been a lot of fun! …maybe if we stay here long enough I’ll be able to change that light fixture! :) >> next up: art on the walls!


 ^^^ love these two. xoxo ^^^
PS! I updated / S I M P L I F I E D my about page! :) and I added Bingley to the front page of the blog! He’s just tooooo cute!


Apartment // pattern & color love


We’ve been in our new place for a little over a month. Things are finally starting to come together. I added more color to our place than I had invisioned from my initial moodboard…I love leather and neutral colors, but I want to work with what I already have and I have quite a few colorful things that I love! So, I’m going with it! :) I haven’t really shopped much for our place, but I did splurge on a little Moroccan pillow! More apartment love to come.


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