Celebrating our F I V E year anniversary!

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Grant&Megan byBean Grant&MeganBean walking


This past October my friend, Betsy (a talented photographer & designer), took some pictures of Grant and I to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We never took engagement photos so I really wanted some more casual pictures of us. The top few are probably my favorites. The whole sequence captures us so well. Grant’s doing some impersonation and I’m laughing at him. Taking pictures is sooo awkward anyways, so this was a such a good catch of us not posing and just being normal. I love Chicago!! Millennium Park and the Art Institute especially. Over our anniversary weekend we each picked something fun we wanted to do in the city. We’re museum people and so I picked the Art Institute (ah, I’m obsessed I know. I’d go there every day if I could!) and he picked the Pritzker Military Museum. We’d never been to the Military museum before and it was really cool. They currently have a special exhibit on Navy Seals. Grant’s really into the armed forces especially Navy Seals, so that was pretty neat. We also did some exploring in other Chicago neighborhoods on Saturday—Salvage One, Trenchermen and Bang Bang Pie all in one afternoon = amazzzzzing! Nothing like coffee roasted bacon, quinoa granola and sweet potato pie to celebrate! xo

Anniversary Poster // Take me back to Rome!


Can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve last posted! Fall has seemed so full and busy and it’s crazy that winter is around the corner (basically here already), Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and we’ve already bought a Christmas tree!! :) Grant and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary (!!!!!!) a few weekends ago. We spent a few days in Chicago and had a blast visiting museums and eating amazing food (more to come!). This is a poster I put together to celebrate the different places we’ve been to since we’ve been married. It started out as a card, but seemed much more fitting for a poster. It’s fun to look back and remember–5 years goes by so quickly. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I’ll be making gluten free: apple pie, pumpkin pie and stuffing. Yummmmyy!