Art Institute of Chicago



One of my favorite things about wandering the Art Institute of Chicago is looking at the wall colors and seeing how it affects the look of the artwork. I snapped this photograph over the summer. Most of the walls have rich, warm colors, but I spotted this eagle mirror on a pale blue wall and it looked so beautiful surrounded by Winslow Homer’s watercolors. The nautical feel of the mirror was a lovely addition to the gallery and wouldn’t you love to have that in your home?! I’ll take one! :) Happy Friday!!..xo

A good laugh for Monday // Bingley

A little laugh for your Monday morning–We love taking Bingley on the prairie path by my parent’s house. Sometimes he has so much energy one of us will run ahead and try to wear him out. WELL, he doesn’t like to leave anyone behind, so he flops over and won’t budge until we all catch up. It’s SO FUNNY!! In a few of the videos you can see him look back and then plop over! :) :) He’s the cutest! We are obsessed! :) Hope you had a great weekend! I can’t believe it’s October already. xo