I love stripes. Black and white particularly. Aren’t those balloons below amazing!?!?! I want some that will permanently float around in my house. :)  For my current graphic design project we are doing a set of 3 illustrations based off an animal. Like I mentioned last week, this picture inspired me to chose a zebra, so stripes have been filling my brain. Here’s a handful of my favorite images plus my own handwriting inspired by this simple print. 


1.)) These balloons are my favorite.
2.)) Classic James.
3.)) My writing inspired by this print.
4.)) Cutie with a bun.
5.)) Stripes on top&bottom// models.
6.)) Awesome typeface &&&& 


PS! Would you ever paint stripes on a wall in your home? This entry way made me want to. I think I’d only do it if it was a fairly small space.