Butternut Squash Soup with Apples & Coconut Cream



I think I’ve improved a Martha Stewart recipe! I know, that’s a big deal! :) Continue reading

Mastering My 5 Meals

I made 19 new recipes in the month of September!! A record for sure! This is my first fall out of college that I’m not coaching swimming and it’s so nice to come home and actually have some time to cook. It is still a lot of work (and a TON of clean up), but it’s been fun. I’ve learned a lot! Grant and I finished the Clean Gut cleanse earlier in the month. I posted a recipe from the Clean website when we were doing the cleanse. It was a fantastic experience and not too painful. :) Grant has been feeling great and I had more energy than usual, so that was encouraging and motivating to continue eating the same way. In short the cleanse eliminates the most common “toxic triggers” >>gluten, dairy, sugar, & caffeine  while adding a lot of supplements + probiotics to give your gut a rest and to power up and help restore balance to your intestinal flora (not to get all scientific on you)! :) We’re not 100% all the time, clean/crazy, but most of the time we try to eat this way.

One of the main reasons for my September cooking craze was to continue to familiarize myself with different foods and to get more comfortable in the kitchen, so cooking wasn’t stressful. This section from Clean Gut offers such good advice:

“Instead of getting wrapped up in complex recipes or the fear of eating clean for the rest of your life, focus on mastering 5 healthy meals. These five meals will be the base of your diet, the food you’ll eat most of the time, but once you do, you’ll be able to use them as inspiration to create a lifetime of delicious and healthy meals.” Clean Gut pg.130

This week as September comes to an end and we welcome October I wanted to do a little >>Fall Celebration Week<< and highlight some of the recipes I’ve made AND share some fall inspiration. This is not a “food blog” in the sense of me creating my own recipes. I just like to explore new foods and recipes, try them out, and collect the good ones here on YOURS EVER. I only post the ones that I plan on making again.There were definitely a few that will not be added to our rotation. Haha. I was so happy to hear that my friend Calla, from Breakfast for 2, tried out my Cauliflower Pizza Crust! Woo hoo! :) It’s been a great month. Thanks for following along. If I could, I’d invite you over for a homemade “pumpkin spice latte”! I’ve been making them with almond milk–yum. Maybe I’ll post that recipe this week! :)


Ryan Korban, My Favorite




Ryan Korban’s style and ascetic are unmatched. I love his use of black, his keen eye for art, and his use of texture in a space. Also, how cool is his tattoo?! As noted above, Korban designed Alexander Wang’s first store and his Tribecca apartment. In many of Korban’s bedrooms he uses fur pillows or throws. He mentions his love for fur several times in his Q&A below! I have been eyeing (from afar) these beauties from West Elm to add a little texture to our bed. I have a DIY in my head that I might try out (to avoid that West Elm price tag). I’ll keep you posted! :)

In our first apartment (almost 4 years ago!) I copied Korban’s idea of hanging artwork with taffetta. I hung a gold mirror in our bathroom using some kind of silk/tafetta type ribbon similar to his. We also painted our bathroom black this past year and I’d like to think it’s my inner Ryan Korban that makes me love it so much. Isn’t his kitchen above dreamy?  I’ve seen more recent pictures and it looks like he’s changed it and added wallpaper.  If you haven’t checked out LonnyThe Selby, and The Coveteur they are my go to sites for design. At this point in our lives, with Grant in school, we are enjoying using what we have :) and being creative, but I still love to look and pick up things here and there. What beautiful inspiration. Below, a Q&A with Ryan via The Selby (haha, diet coke for breakfast)! Awesome Q&A’s on The Selby from tons of creative people! Check it out.


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images via: The Selby, The Coveteur, Lonny

Gold Legs

Along with the vintage dresser makeover, I also did a little ikea hack this summer. For those who don’t know what an ikea hack is (my husband) it’s just a modification or repurposing of an ikea product. There are so many amazing ikea hacks, but this one with its gold legs and its simple design caught my eye. The fact that it was $40 bucks total and only involved a can of spray paint didn’t hurt either! I would’ve bought the long table, but this little guy fits the space perfectly. All I did was put the legs together, paint them gold and BAM, done! :) I love to do projects and missed having a little space of my own to hold some of my favorite little things, to write letters, type, study, mostly just to decorate. :) I hung up the tassel garland I made for my mom’s picnic birthday party along with some of my other favorite things. I like leaning the pictures instead of hanging them, so I can swap them out easily. I’m sure I’ll continually change the space, but for now I like it!  :)


Stripping and Staining a Vintage Dresser

This summer I decided that I was going to do something about my husband’s ugly dresser. It’s a beautiful piece, very well made (from his Grandma), but it had these old brown/green flowers on the front and the white paint was looking pretty bad (really, really, bad). My initial thoughts were to copy this dresser and paint it black. During the process, I came to grips with that fact that Grant really isn’t a black with gold accents kind of guy and the wood underneath looked really promising! So, I traded in my gold hardware knobs for some dark wood stain. In the end I’m glad I didn’t paint it. I like the natural look. Here is the before/after! I’m so pleased with how it turned out! Definitely worth the time & effort!

BEFORE-AFTER I forgot to take real “before” pictures, so these were after I had already poured the paint stripper on. Oh well! You can clearly see something had to change. It was so ugly! The paint stripper was extremely strong. It wasn’t very hard to strip, except for the grooved pieces on the drawers. Shocking how it all peels off!


After I stripped all the paint off it sat around in the garage for a few weeks. Grant finally decided to jump in and get the process going. He sanded the whole thing. (He’s the best.) Later I added 2 coats of a dark walnut wood stain and finished it off with a glossy type finish/sealer. Here’s how it looks now! So handsome!! :)


Overall, this was a fairly easy project. Grant might have a different opinion as he did a lot of the grunt work sanding. :) It did take me 2 months to finish it (ha!) but that was only because I had it in the garage and continued to forget/put off sanding and staining it. In total the project was about $70, which is a lot less than a new dresser! Score.