The Solitude of the Soul // The Art Institute of Chicago


“The thought is the eternally present fact that however close we may be thrown together by circumstances…we are unknown to each other.” Lorado Taft, sculptor


I went to the Art Institute recently with my mom and my friend, Grace and I discovered a beautiful sculpture that I don’t think I’d ever noticed before. I love unfinished art and while this piece is actually finished the four figures emerging from this huge rough looking marble block is so striking to me. My friend Grace likes to stand in front of a painting or sculpture for a long time and really look at it. She said that she preferred to look at fewer pieces of artwork and remember them rather than move quickly through many galleries. Such wisdom. We spent time in only 3 galleries, but I discovered several pieces of art that I hadn’t noticed before (and I’ve been to the Art Institute many times!) :)


As you can see above, the title of the piece is called, The Solitude of the Soul. Such an incredible portrayal of deep human emotion. The sculptor, Lorado Taft, was a professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for 20 years and he created many sculptures for the city of Chicago. We’re so lucky to have such an amazing collection at the Art Institute.


Beautiful hybrid china




I came across these beautiful hybrid china plates last week in an e-mail from Domino. “Art and design studio CTRLZAK have launched a collection of tableware where half of each piece resembles traditional Chinese porcelain and the other side features a European design.” I’m not one for hanging plates on the wall, but I can imagine a few of these dinner plates would look so cool! I love all the different patterns and colors. I wonder if this could be a DIY project?? How do you go about slicing china in half and welding it back together so perfectly?…I should probably just stick to painting furniture and making tassels :) but I love this idea. They also have tea cups, cake stands, and trays!