Sculpture in your home


I recently spotted this lovely gold horse head on The Coveteur. Even though part of it is cut off in the picture, it still caught my eye! This past weekend I bought a lovely marble sculpture at the Brooklyn Flea. I haven’t taken any good pictures yet, but she’s a beauty! :) Hopefully, I’ll get around to posting a few pictures from our trip soon and I’ll show her to you! She’s right out of Pride & Prejudice and she’s about 5lbs! Nice and solid. I didn’t want anything plaster. :) Sculpture adds so much to a room. Random fact: Did you know Patrick Dempsey’s wife is an incredible sculptor? I was blown away when I saw their home in last month’s Architectural Digest. See the slideshow here.


Palette /01


Aren’t these colors the dreamiest? This is a Degas gallery room in the Met. Grant and I are moving into an apartment at the end of the month and I’ve been thinking a lot about paint colors.  I plan on painting a small wall black. Our current downstairs bathroom (shown here) is painted black and I love it!! Have you seen Jenna Lynon’s master bedroom? The walls are black and amazing. Dark walls are my favorite. We’ll probably only live in the apartment for the next year, so I’m not sure if I’ll paint any other walls. Vaulted ceilings make painting a little tricky. The picture above was from last year’s spring break when I visited my sister in NYC. I went back to NYC/NJ again this year for spring break with my friend, Jane. Her family is from NJ so we were able to spend time in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Jersey! It was the best weekend…More to come…